“Today I use one set of productivity tools for work and another for my personal life. With Doit I will be able to bridge the two and feel more in control. Can't wait for the full version.”

David Darmanin
David Darmanin

CEO & Founder


“I’ve been involved in the beta for a few months now, and Doit is a game-changer for me. Finally, a tool that doesn’t overcomplicate things.”

Oskar Gustafsson
Oskar Gustafsson

Head of Creative Sales

Discovery Networks

Discover Doit.io features

Start each day feeling on top of things

Get a clear overview of what’s on your plate and don’t loose track of important tasks

Have complete control off all your tasks and know where to kick start your day

Write down your ideas, add meeting notes, or anything that comes to mind. Convert them to tasks later.

The Dashboard
Task view

Focus your energy on what brings you closer to your goals

Break up your work into separate notes. Each note contains all the work at hand, tasks, files, documents, people, discussions etc.

Capture and organize upcoming tasks, set due dates and prioritize.

Break down larger tasks into smaller ones so you know where to begin

Keep everything organized in notes
Quick add tasks
Sections & Subtasks

Plan and structure work in a way
that’s best for you.


Use labels to batch similar notes together for better structure


Prioritize tasks that brings you closer to your goals


Organize your tasks using tags making them easy to find

Involve everyone who’s working on the project

Add people who needs to be involved and keep everyone in the loop

Have clear accountability for tasks and don’t miss any due-dates.

Give feedback on specific tasks, files or documents

Assign Tasks
Leave Comments


Work and life, organized, wherever you are

Organize the way you work

With Doit.io, you break up your work into separate notes. Each note contains everything related to the work at hand; all the people involved, every task, document, file, discussion, important date, etc. Everything!

Organize the way you work

Regain clarity in your life

Have all your personal tasks, goals and projects neatly organized and accounted for, in one place. With Doit.io you can focus your energy on what brings you closer to your goals.

Organize the way you work

Study smarter, not harder

Keep track of all your school tasks, class notes, project and side hustles with Doit.io. Organize your knowledge and information in one place and regain clarity.

Organize the way you work